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Pasture Growth Forecast for Waikato (kg DM/ha)
Forecasts use NIWA climate data
Using these numbers
Shown above is the pasture growth predicted from NIWA climate forecasts and the current soil moisture. You can use these numbers in your feed budget to plan grazing for the next week or two. If you subscribe to custom forecasts, you can also look at long term trends and variability, and get a custom forecast for your farm.
   Typical range    5 day forecast    Forecast for days 6-14  
Good pasture management is the key to dairy farm profitability. DairyNZ is confident that pasture growth forecasts will help farmers make better decisions on supplementary feeding, grazing rotations, silage making and nitrogen management. Funded by New Zealand dairy farmers through DairyNZ and the Ministry for Primary Industries through the Primary Growth Partnership.
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